When companies and people need to utilize the dynamic powers emulating from Washington, DC to further one’s political and/or economic agenda(s), goal(s); resolve difficult problems and/or quandaries; or provide legal, political, economic, and intellectual support throughout the world, AXIA connects predicaments, projects and undertakings around the world with Washington DC - the epicenter of international, domestic political and economic power – the Nation’s Capital of the United States of America. 

Whether your situation or desire is multi-national or domestic, AXIA and its web of contacts and firepower will help facilitate your quest in either obtaining your desire acquisition, resolving your dilemma, or alleviating the adversary actions that are hindering your quests. Utilizing utmost discretion, coupled with commitment to detail, unbiased research, and thought provoking analysis, AXIA will utilize its political and economic resources, putting into motion what needs to be done within the confines of the law and utilizing the people, entities, and agencies necessary to help you achieve success in your business objective or resolution of hindrances besieging you.

Founded by its managing director having spent over thirty professional years in the Nation’s Capital handling legal and economic matters for companies and individuals throughout the nation and World, in conjunction with veterans of the political and military establishment, law, academia, business advisors, and international and national business individuals, AXIA is the product of a plethora of experience, knowledge, and a broad network of legal, political, and economic power allowing AXIA to provide you with the team custom designed to meet your needs.

Relying on the protections and abilities of the United States legal and financial system, AXIA applies conventional and unconventional; abstract yet focused methods; sometimes wandering down deviated paths; never losing sight on the resolution sought by our clients in achieving their/its objective.

For business matters of all size, AXIA will provide its firepower for rapid response, analysis, access, action and resolution with utmost integrity and credibility.  We believe in utilizing any and all legal and economic methods available to the fullest extent of the law. Abstract, thought provoking, the utilization of unconventional thought processes, coupled with mainstream, fundamental legal foundations form the basis of our Firm's strengths. Never losing focus on the objective of the client and staying the course, sometimes through deviated paths, is the premise of our undertakings.