James T. Zelloe | Managing Director

General Counsel (2014-2017) to one of top male singers worldwide and recipient of continuous stream of awards including 5 Grammy Music Awards, Latin Grammy’s, and Billboard Awards, selling over 100 million albums to date.  Involved in all aspects of legal issues of client and his organization, including, but not limited to, personal issues, touring, contract creation and review, negotiations with third parties, and Federal litigation. Drafted and negotiated “life story” contract with MGM for production and distribution of singer’s life story.

Spearheaded litigation team and obtained a jury verdict for Egyptian owned client against a Saudi Arabian Company and its President totaling in the aggregate over $13,000,000 in Federal Eastern District of Virginia involving commercial oral contracts pertaining to a project of the King of Saudi Arabia. After considerable legal rulings, the Eastern District U.S. District Court rendered final judgment against the company accordingly and facilitated the transmission and presentation to the Court of the King of Saudi Arabia where final resolution was obtained for clients.

Designated as an honorary member of the Bar of the Egyptian Supreme Court.

Over 25 years of providing legal and economic representation and solutions to an international business consortium and developer/development company headquartered over the years in Washington, DC area; Aspen, Colorado; Mexico; and Beverly Hills, CA. In 2010, achieved the highest residential real estate sales price in the United States. Spending over a decade coordinating acquisition, assemblage, and after years of legal maneuvering, the undertaking culminated in successful litigation as rendered by the Supreme Court of California resulting in complete unimpeded ownership for client of the largest aggregation of continuous parcels of unencumbered, undeveloped residential land with views of downtown Los Angeles and the ocean to the West in Beverly Hills, CA. 

Counsel for an entity involved in the acquisition of a strategic “partner” in the military-industrial world. Appointed by entity as CEO and general counsel of its operations in 2017.